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    Park Residences
    123 W 100st St North Vancouver BC | V7M X1X
    Strata Number
    Floor Levels
    Year Built
    BLINQ Developments
    Freehold Strata
    Land Title
    Construction Type
    Roof Type
    Concrete Perimeter
    Foundation Type
    Brick, Concrete, Glass
    Exterior Finish
    Park Residences, built in 2005, stands as a well-maintained concrete structure in North Vancouver, reflecting a proactive approach to building management with regular maintenance and repairs, such as waterproofing and caulking. The building's financial health is evident through a robust contingency fund and approved budgets for insurance, maintenance, and utilities. Strategic capital improvements and foresight in infrastructure upgrades, along with comprehensive insurance coverage, further enhance the building's appeal. Bylaws that promote a clean and safe environment, including smoking and pet restrictions, contribute to the quality of living for residents. However, potential buyers should be aware of the possibility of significant special levies in the near future, which could indicate underlying maintenance issues and impact personal finances. Electrical system upgrades, including the installation of EV charging stations, present additional costs and logistical considerations. Concerns about water ingress in some units raise questions about the building's waterproofing integrity. While fire safety measures are in place, there have been instances of missed inspections and follow-ups on deficiencies. Ongoing legal and civil matters, including bylaw violations and insurance deductibles, may also lead to disputes and additional costs for residents.
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